Leaders Have Spoken!

In a survey of over 15,000 leaders across 50 countries, leaders were asked about their preferred methods of learning and growing. And the results are telling!

Do you suck…

…the life out of the room?! Here’s my take on energy vampires and the energy we choose to put into the world.

Why you should read Atomic Habits

Anyone looking to be an impactful leader or to be more effective in leading their own lives needs to consider the role their personal habits have in their current reality. Check out why Atomic Habits is recommended reading.

Sticks & Stones

The old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” couldn’t be more wrong. Just think of all the ways–good and bad–that words have shaped you.

Why you should read Atlas of the Heart

Many leaders do not delve deep into their own emotions for a variety of reasons like the fear of being seen as weak, feeling pressed to move on to the next task, or a belief that leaders must be stoic.  Atlas of the Heart is a great tool to help people explore the nuances of…

Setting Standards for Self-Care

Leaders and organizations often share their support of self-care measures, then inadvertently send contradictory messages through their own actions. Could you be doing this same thing?

Roadblocks to Possibilities

Organizations can say that they are open to new ideas, creativity, and learning, but existing structures and norms can stand in the way of a learning culture.

Healthy Boundaries

While the word “boundaries” may conjure up the idea of limits, healthy boundaries do just the opposite.  They allow us to make sure our basic needs are met so that we can show up more fully in life. 

The Both/And Mindset

When we allow ourselves to lead in polarizing ways (either/or, wrong/right, black/white), we limit ourselves and our impact. Leaders who embrace a both/and mindset make magic happen.

My Bossy Inner Child

Our inner child can tell us a lot about our natural leadership inclinations. We should know and love that inner child, but also know when we need to tame it!

Identity Crisis or Natural Reflection?

Leadership can often feel all consuming and can lead to questioning our identities. What if instead of seeing this as a crisis we viewed these moments as a natural period for reflection?

Cheers to Dreams

We often learn to stop “wasting our time” daydreaming and to “get real”. Here’s what I wish we would teach people instead and how I’m truly living my dreams.