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The Coach

I used to hear the word “leader” and certain traits would come to mind—powerful, charismatic, determined. The word conjured images of people whose mere presence turned heads (insert power pose here) and whose words made peoples’ hearts swell. Based on that description, I never would have described myself as a leader. Then one day I looked back at all the ways I had led, and realized I was wrong. 

The myths and legends around leadership keep a lot of people from believing in their abilities to make an impact. Luckily, I had taken a chance on myself at various points in life, which gave me opportunities to learn and grow. What I’ve learned through my own experience and through supporting emerging leaders is that leadership comes in all forms. It’s not about title or power. It doesn’t have to be loud or assertive. It’s about how we show up each day for others AND for ourselves. 

I worked in education for a local school system for 20 years in different roles from teacher, to principal, to district-level program manager. The most rewarding part of my journey was helping others identify their own potential and lean into their strengths. That led me to starting my own coaching and consulting practice so that I could focus my energy on the important work of supporting peoples’ journeys to live more purposeful, empowered, and joyous lives.  

We all have it within us to make a positive, lasting impact. To the game changers out there who are ready to make magic, let’s connect. chris@freshleapcoaching.com 

Contact me at chris@freshleapcoaching.com


Individual Coaching: Individual coaching sessions typically run for 45-minutes and is a great option for people looking for individualized support. You can choose the topic for the session or your coach can help you explore factors that impact leadership, such as identifying your core values, your strengths, and any limiting beliefs that hold you back.

CliftonStrengths Discovery Session: This is a one-time individual coaching session meant to help you unpack your CliftonStrengths assessment results. Those results can then be incorporated into individual coaching sessions and some small group coaching programs. To learn more about CliftonStrengths, go to http://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths

Group Coaching: Group coaching sessions allow you to explore leadership topics with others. This is a great option for people who appreciate hearing different perspectives and enjoy connecting with others. To see a schedule of group coaching sessions, check out the Events page.

Contact Chris at chris@freshleapcoaching.com or by completing the contact form to sign up for a session or to discuss consultation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coaching the same as therapy or counseling? While coaching can feel therapeutic, the focus of coaching is on creating a brighter future rather than unraveling the impact of your past. Coaches help their clients consider different perspectives and possibilities so they can make choices that align with their goals and values.

How will I know that FreshLeap is right for me? Finding the right coach is an important step. Complete the Contact Form to schedule a discovery session. This will allow you to share your needs, learn more about theFreshLeap coach, and see if you are a match.

Do I need to have a specific problem or challenge to benefit from coaching? Anyone seeking to learn and grow can benefit from coaching. Problems and challenges are common starting points for coaching sessions, but coaches can also help you recognize your strengths and appreciate your successes.

Have another question that isn’t answered here? Contact Chris at chris@freshleapcoaching.com or complete the contact form.