About FreshLeap

What We Do

FreshLeap Coaching & Consulting provides coaching programs for people who don’t want to sit around and wait for things to get better–people who are ready to make positive change, now. Whether that change will impact your personal life, your professional life, your community or our world, we’re here to support your next steps. FreshLeap has several programs that include weekly reflective activities and weekly group coaching sessions, as well as a coaching session where you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with the coach on your own personal goal.

Additional one-to-one coaching sessions are available for people who want more individualized support.  For people who want to bring FreshLeap’s practices and principles to their own organizations and teams, we also offer consulting services and private group programs. Contact us to schedule a time to discuss any of these options.

Who We Support

Based on a mission to help people lead positive change in their own unique ways, we support people who are:

  • eager to shift to a more positive and impactful path, and who need support to feel empowered and confident.
  • searching for something bigger to be a part of and are uncertain what that looks like or how to use their gifts.
  • excited to connect with a supportive, encouraging, forward-thinking, and joyful community.

If any of this resonates with you, check out our programs to learn how FreshLeap on the Services page.

Want to bring FreshLeap’s practices and principles to your own organization or team? Contact us to learn about our consulting services and private group programs.

What We Believe

  • Meaningful, lasting change does not stem from power, authority figures or systems, but from like-hearted people connecting through curious, engaging, and compassionate conversations.
  • People who know themselves well, embrace all that they are, and choose to make the most of their gifts are capable of making an impact in both subtle and monumental ways.
  • Transformation of any kind requires us to work on ourselves first.  We must face our reality with self-compassion, step out of our normal routines and ways of thinking, and stretch ourselves regularly to become the healthy, whole change agents we are capable of becoming.
  • Personal transformation does not have to be a solitary process. Coaching is an empowering partnership that builds clients’ confidence, competence, and sense of self so that they can create a more fulfilling and joyful future.

A Message from the FreshLeap Coach

I used to hear the word “leader” and certain traits would come to mind—powerful, charismatic, determined. The word conjured images of people whose mere presence turned heads (Insert power pose here!) and whose words made peoples’ hearts swell. Based on that description, I never would have described myself as a leader. Then one day I looked back at all the ways I had led, and realized I was wrong.

The myths and legends around leadership keep a lot of people from believing in their abilities to make an impact. Luckily, I had taken a chance on myself at various points in life, which gave me opportunities to learn and grow. What I’ve learned through my own experience and through supporting emerging leaders is that leadership comes in all forms. It’s not about title or power. It doesn’t have to be loud or assertive. It’s about how we show up each day for others AND for ourselves.

I worked in education for a local school system for 20 years in different roles from teacher, to principal, to district-level program manager. The most rewarding part of my journey was helping others identify their own potential and lean into their strengths. That led me to starting my own coaching and consulting practice so that I could focus my energy on the important work of supporting peoples’ journeys to live more purposeful, empowered, and joyous lives. 

We all have it within us to make a positive, lasting impact. To the game changers out there who are ready to make magic, let’s connect. chris@freshleapcoaching.com

Chris is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.  She is also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and a trained facilitator in Everything DiSC, which gives her the expertise to use research-based assessments to help her clients gain clarity around their natural behaviors, gifts, and abilities.  Chris collaborates with several professionals in coaching, therapy, and other wellness related fields to provide a robust program for clients.

Check out our Services page to learn about group coaching programs and private coaching packages. Have questions? Click on the button below to set up a meeting to get your questions answered.