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Helping people develop their natural leadership style and make a positive impact.

Take Charge of your Leadership Journey

The most fulfilling way to lead is by doing so through the best version of yourself, not by trying to fit into a leadership mold. Stop setting unfair expectations for yourself and start embracing your unique strengths. Learn what coaching will do for you by setting up a discovery session.

FreshLeap was founded on these beliefs:

Leaders–Great leaders come in all forms, not just the dominating, charismatic, or awe-inspiring stereotypes that people have come to expect.

Growth–Effective leaders see growth as an integral part of their leadership. Continual growth is the only way leaders can meet the changing needs of the people they lead and serve.

Coaching–A coaching partnership is empowering, allowing leaders to make decisions that align with their values, build trust with their teams, and care for themselves and others.

Leadership is challenging enough without adding our own self-doubts, insecurities, and impossible expectations. By recognizing the myths of leadership and appreciating your reality, you can embrace leadership from a whole, healthy, and joyous perspective. Isn’t that what the world really needs?