Do Hard Things

By Steve Magness

I love to read, so I occasionally share book recommendations. This particular book recommendation will also be used for my upcoming Books & Belonging program. Books & Belonging is a book group for busy people who are still looking to learn, grow, and connect with other like-hearted people. To learn more or register, check out my Events page.

Book: Do Hard Things by Steve Magness

Book Summary:  Steve Magness is a running coach turned executive coach, and is considered an expert on performance. In Do Hard Things, Steve explores the fallacies behind traditional views of toughness and what research reveals about what it truly takes to be tough. 

Why It’s Recommended Reading:  While the book uses the term “toughness,” resilience is really at the core of the lessons in this book. I learned about the subtle ways we are incorrectly taught how to be tough, how those things can actually be detrimental to our resilience, and how to change for the good. The lessons in this book are applicable to anyone and are especially good for people trying to DO HARD THINGS!

A Few Takeaways from the Book:

  • The way many of us were taught to “toughen up” is grounded in fear – we learn to do things because we are fearful of the judgment we’ll experience if we fail.
  • Real toughness (or resilience) is about learning how to sit in discomfort and learning the skills that help us navigate through that discomfort.
  • When we “power through,” ignoring the messages from our physical sensations and emotional feelings, we lose the opportunity to learn important lessons that can make us stronger and more resilient in the long run.

If you want to develop your own resilience or tackle bigger obstacles than you’ve tackled before, Do Hard Things is a great read for you!

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