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~ Chris, the FreshLeap Coach

  • Lessons from Little Ones

    Lessons from Little Ones

    My nephew’s birthday party brought more joy than I could have imagined, and it taught me a thing or two about how to live my life. Read more

  • Do Hard Things

    Do Hard Things

    In Do Hard Things, Steve Magness explains what it really means to be tough and gives people the tools to develop their own toughness. Read more

  • Road Trip Fun

    Road Trip Fun

    Laughing and playing isn’t just for kids. Embracing that mindset not only brings me to life, it also helps me connect with people I love. Read more

  • Realizing My Spiritual Needs

    Realizing My Spiritual Needs

    I always thought that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and good sleep were all the self-care practices I needed. Then yoga introduced me to my spiritual needs. Read more

  • The Other Side of Servant Leadership

    The Other Side of Servant Leadership

    Servant leadership is admirable but is often taken to the extreme. Setting aside our own needs to care for others sends an unhealthy, unsupportive message. Read more

  • Do you suck…?!

    Do you suck…?!

    …the life out of a room? My own encounters with energy vampires – the people who drain us with their negativity – has taught me to choose positivity and care for my own energy. Read more